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Original Post

Hello, all!

I am somewhat new to Etsy (going on about 4 months now) and am excited to chat with other crafters like myself! This looks like a great group to chat with, and I am excited to visit all of your shops and see the goodies you create :)

I made homemade baby/toddler bibs, usually in the shape of various adorable critters - lady bugs, birds, tigers, parakeets, owls, etc. I am totally open to any and all advice for making my shop better, and I hope to make some friends, as well :) Here is the link to my shop:

Looking forward to chatting with you all.

Posted at 12:48pm Jun 10, 2011 EDT


Hello and those are cute, cute, cute!

Posted at 12:17am Jun 11, 2011 EDT

I have just come across this great team and look forward to your thoughts. I hand paint wool and wool felt and make kits with these materials and also hand knit scarves in th evenings.....I am not very god at doing nothing.
Anyway would love to do some giveaways to promote my shop.
You can check it out at
Xoxo Jo

Posted at 4:54am Jun 11, 2011 EDT

Very cute bibs :)

Posted at 5:27am Jun 11, 2011 EDT

cute animal bibs

Posted at 7:20am Jun 11, 2011 EDT

HOw cute! I'm a new granma!! will have to visit again frequently!

Posted at 10:09pm Jun 12, 2011 EDT

Glad to be here!

indigoinspirations - I am not very good at doing nothing, either :) We could start a club!

Posted at 1:14pm Jun 16, 2011 EDT

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