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Original Post

I've been wondering for a while if I should create a mailing list and send emails when I open my BNR. Is this something that interests you? Do you prefer etsy convos?

Posted at 9:23 pm May 22, 2011 EDT


For me it is ok to receive your e-mails! maybe is easier to send e-mails then convos!

Posted at 9:33 pm May 22, 2011 EDT

I'm asking because I always neglect to check them. When I'm on Etsy I only check my convos. But that's me lol!

Posted at 9:35 pm May 22, 2011 EDT

Either works for me.

Posted at 9:36 pm May 22, 2011 EDT

angelina28 says

yayayayayayayayay how cool! thanks for the invite!

Posted at 9:40 pm May 22, 2011 EDT

I love getting your emails...count me in!

Posted at 10:02 pm May 22, 2011 EDT

Either way is great!

Posted at 10:24 pm May 22, 2011 EDT

Agreed...either way is fine!

Posted at 11:13 pm May 22, 2011 EDT

The reason I like the email lists (of course) is that you can reach a lot of people with one mailing. BUT as you mentioned Ms. M., not everyone is diligent in checking their emails and when having a live event, the convo's are probably the better of the two giving those on Etsy at the time an alert, then again those not on Etsy may have their email up or get alerts for incoming messages on their phones or other meida devices.
Damned if you do damned if you don't.

Posted at 6:46 am May 23, 2011 EDT

HamjArt says

Either is fine Martine!

Posted at 7:41 am May 23, 2011 EDT

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