Treasury Trove Members

Who can join?

Treasury Trove is a moderated team with the following requirements:


1. ---ONCE YOUR TREASURY IS POSTED in the appropriate thread you must click and comment on the 10 treasuries that have been posted prior to yours...
2. ---DO NOT COPY/PASTE the same comment for all 10 treasuries.
(it takes less than five minutes to post a genuine response to your fellow peers! show them the love and attention you want shown to your treasury!)
3. ---YOU DO NOT have to comment on a treasury more than TWICE! if a treasury comes around a 2nd time, you should list your favorite item/aspect of that treasury. you don't have to comment the 3rd, 4th+ time around and can skip onto another treasury so you get a fresh set of 15 treasuries every time. (as long as you still comment on 15!)
4. ---ABSOLUTELY NO SPAMMING. never in any situation should any team member message another team member asking for support of their own website. (see Etsy rules)

****(if it is brought to the captain's attention that you are breaking any of these rules you will be dismissed from the team)****

You should definitely hop on board if:
1. YOU HAVE A FULL PAGE of items in your shop. (give or take a few is okay)
2. YOU HAVE WELL-PHOTOGRAPHED ITEMS. (crisp photos with thoughtful staging is a must!)
3. YOU LOVE FUN & ETSY CAMARADERIE! (it's not just about the treasury-promotion; we're also here to give each other advice and support, and to continue the network of etsy-friendship around the globe!)

TAG YOUR TREASURIES (as well as your shop listings) with the tag "treasury trove" or "ttrove" (without quotes) if you want them to show up in search results!


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