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Roanoke Street Team has the following requirements:

This team is mainly for Etsians in Roanoke VA, Salem VA, Vinton VA, and surrounding areas. We also welcome surrounding areas - the 'burgs, Floyd, and more! If you used to live here or just have a soft spot for the area - join us!

A few guiding principles:

~ Respect yourself and other team members.

~ Speak your mind, but use your common sense.

~ Trash talking about other members, shops, or items will
NOT be tolerated. Honest and thoughtful criticism, when
requested, is appreciated.

~ Do not post private information about yourself or others
(phone numbers, addresses, etc). Use convos or email to
share this with other members.

~ Use our team tag: Roanoke Street Team

~ Follow us on Twitter:

~ Like us on Facebook:

~ (NOTE: I will do my best to keep posts in the correct threads. This means I will move a post occasionally and close/delete things that were posted in the wrong place - no offense intended.) That said, let's keep the threads tidy:

* Put new item listings on the "New Listings" thread.

* Introduce yourself on the "Introduce Yourself!" thread.

* Announce your shop sales on the "SALE!" thread.

* Brand new? Ask questions on the "Tips for Newbies" thread - we are here to help each other! This is also a great place to put links and information for shop owners.

* The "Announcements" thread is for team announcements.

* The "Craft Fairs in/around Roanoke" thread is exactly that!

* Social media links on the "Social Media" thread.

* Treasuries on the "Treasuries!" thread.

* Promotion games and the like can be found on the "Promotion Games/Favoriting Games" thread.

* Chat to your hearts content on the "Team Chat" thread.

~ The Team Captain reserves the right to
delete/close any threads or posts that go against the above
mentioned principles.

~ Ask questions, offer suggestions and contribute - this is how we will grow as a team and as individual artists/craftsmen (no gender bias implied).

~ CREATE!!!!!

A few goals:

~ All members should work towards having an active shop.
New Etsyans are always welcome! NOTE: If you do not
plan on having a shop or becoming a seller, but like to shop Etsy and live in the area - join us!

~ Monthly or every-other-monthly meetings. Yes, let's work
towards actually meeting each other face-to-face!

~ Participate in local craft shows and/or sponsor a craft show
featuring our members. There is strength in numbers!

~ Craftivism! Let's pick a project and donate our time and/or
resources. There are many possibilities: Making beanie hats and blankets for preemies, Wheelchair organizers for
seniors, Hats for chemo patients, Coats & backpacks for
foster children, and more!

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Original Post


Hey my Roanoke Folks,

Got a new listing here. Delicious CASHEW CHEESE mmmmmm. Lol

Posted at 2:05am Jan 28, 2012 EST

I've just listed my Spring Bundle of Online Mixed Media Classes. They are listed at $28.00 for the 4 classes through April 2nd. Hope you will check it out and join in the fun!


Posted at 10:35am Mar 23, 2012 EDT

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