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Original Post

In keeping with advice EVERWHERE on Etsy that you must have a blog, I have been working on my own for a little while. It is actually really fun and I love doing it almost as much as I love drawing!

If you want me to take a look at your stuff so I can feature it if I like it, send me an inbox message or comment here with a link to the piece!

I am obsessed with color and weird stuff. So if your item falls under either one of those descriptions, you're golden.

Sure, I only have like....14 followers, but my friends all read it and t's not like you can ever have too much exposure!

Here is my blog, so you can check it out:

Posted at 5:55pm Nov 4, 2011 EDT


Haha colour is my forte :P hence the shop name ;) i also make weird stuff :P

I think this is my most colourful piece;

Posted at 1:23pm Nov 7, 2011 EST

I'd love to be featured! My abstracts and watercolors are ALL about color.

Posted at 1:07pm Nov 14, 2011 EST

Mel from thingsuwant says

so, you like weird? have I got weird for you! haha!

Posted at 3:27pm Nov 16, 2011 EST

I checked out your blog and it looks Great! If you want to look at my paintings and post them there that would be cool.
I know I have a bunch more paintings and photos to add to my shop.. mostly abstracts and some landscapes. Thanks !!

Posted at 10:16am Dec 2, 2011 EST

Laura S says

Hi!! I would be honored to be in your blog!!

Posted at 8:49am Dec 3, 2011 EST

I'd love to be featured in your blog! Here's a painting with autumn colors:

Posted at 3:33pm Dec 3, 2011 EST

I'd like to be featured :) Lots of color + weird -- here ya go!

Posted at 11:08am Dec 4, 2011 EST