Promote Yourself, A Treasury Team Members

Who can join?

Promote Yourself, A Treasury Team has the following requirements:

Anyone can join that is willing to:

1: Make at least two treasuries a week with 14 out of sixteen items being from other members's shops. (until there are 14 people, just put one item per person please!)

2: Comment on other members's treasuries and promote in any way possible (Twitter, Facebook, send to your friends or family, or a blog)

3: Notify people that they have been included in a treasury

4: Tag the treasury with Promote Yourself and post the link to the treasury on the discussion page under 'Our Treasuries'

5: Last but not least, tell your friends to join!

Oh! and also follow all Etsy guidelines and be kind and courteous.

So overall: Join if you want more sales and publicity!

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