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Original Post

I have a 4 year old little boy, soon to be 5 and in Kindergarten. I have been on Etsy for about a year, and I sell paper goods, altered frames, mini albums, invitations, etc.


Posted at 12:05pm Jul 12, 2012 EDT


Hi Mila, welcome:) I play with paper too!

Posted at 9:13pm Jul 14, 2012 EDT

Gorgeous designs and projects!!

Posted at 2:35pm Jul 17, 2012 EDT

Welcome Mia, i checked out your page, very nice work. I make personalized superhero capes for kids. Your son is the perfect age for it :-).

Posted at 6:43am Jul 18, 2012 EDT

Love the capes Holly!! So cute for parties!

Posted at 11:52am Jul 18, 2012 EDT

Welcome to the group!! I Have a Soon to be 5 year old as well. It's a Fun age :D

Posted at 10:14am Jul 23, 2012 EDT

Kirsti says

Hi, team!

I am Kirsti and I have 2 boys: ages 4 and 2!! and, oh my, are they BUSY!!!!

Posted at 2:32pm Jul 24, 2012 EDT

Elizabeth says

Welcome!!! Love your Shop!! It is so fun!!

Posted at 9:40am Aug 7, 2012 EDT

Hi, I am also new to the team! I am so glad to see a group supporting BOYS! I have boy and girl twins. The boy is named Beckham and he is 16 months old!

Posted at 8:10pm Aug 22, 2012 EDT

Hi Mila. It's nice to meet you. I'm new to the team as well and look forward to getting to know everyone! Your son is at a fun age! I have 3 kiddos and my youngest is about that age.

Make your day GREAT!!!

Posted at 1:11pm Nov 14, 2012 EST