Butte County Treasury Team new listings

Who can join?

Butte County Treasury Team has the following requirements:

Anyone from and around Butte County!

Must be willing to meet the requirements below :
• Everyone must make at least 2 treasuries each month
• The treasury is comprised of at least 8 of the local team members items (none of your own items it will not be allowed to make the front page)
• Only include one item per seller as including multiple items from a single seller will disqualify it from making the front page
• You must actively comment, and click on at least 4 of the items in each treasury you view. This ensures that they stay high on the hotness scale.
• Must occasionally view and comment on teammates treasuries which you are not featured in. ( Remember this is a team and requires an entire group effort! )

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Original Post

hi thought I might start a thread for new listings for the team, hope thats okay with everyone

here's my newest listing


Posted at 6:39pm May 25, 2011 EDT


perfect :)

Posted at 9:53pm May 25, 2011 EDT

My newest listings:

Tonights - Lovely Yellow Flower Earrings

Yesterdays - Beautiful Hair Pin Set

Posted at 2:39am May 26, 2011 EDT

Good idea :)

Posted at 4:27am May 26, 2011 EDT

cadeb says

I added 5 new items today!

feeling kind of dumb ... don't know how to get my listing shown here.

Posted at 7:20pm May 26, 2011 EDT

cadeb ...dont LOL i dont know either!!

Posted at 8:45pm May 26, 2011 EDT

cadeb says

thanks Shasta, now I don't feel so alone ... maybe someone will tell us ..

Posted at 11:32pm May 26, 2011 EDT

there's a couple ways but the easiest way for me to explain is to view your item and copy the URL and then paste it here. hope that helps.

Posted at 1:31am May 27, 2011 EDT

Yeah, I just copy and pasted the listing URL and somehow it made it show the item! Good luck!

Posted at 1:45am May 27, 2011 EDT