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Original Post

Hi folks... :)

I am looking around for a talented person to illustrate a childrens book...

Does anyone here do this?

Posted at 3:23am Nov 21, 2011 EST


Pretty much what all of us do! Thanks for positing, you can see my stuff at

Posted at 4:34am Nov 21, 2011 EST

cool... nice portfolio :)

Posted at 2:25am Nov 22, 2011 EST

I do! My site isn't up yet but some of the images in my shop were taken from a children's book I illustrated so that should give you a good idea about my style :)

Posted at 3:57am Nov 22, 2011 EST

lefffty from lefffty says

hey Elsie!
here's my portfolio site:
(and facebook page:

I'd love to hear about your book!

Posted at 11:42am Nov 22, 2011 EST

Have you read the letter I wrote to Santa? Seriously, yes, I would love to meet your needs.

A bit more about me:
My shop:
My blog:

Thanks a lot,

Posted at 9:41am Nov 27, 2011 EST

hello, I illustrate children's books. You can see my work on

Look on the picture book section, and get in touch if you like my style.

I'd love to hear more about your book,


Posted at 1:19pm Nov 27, 2011 EST

Wonderful everyone!!! I will more then likely get the ball rolling some time after the first of the year. I love seeing all your work! :)


Posted at 1:21pm Nov 27, 2011 EST

Hi! :)

my shop:

my blog:
(illustrations, book covers, dolls etc.)

my facebook page:


Posted at 3:19am Nov 28, 2011 EST

Hi Lora....I am a picture book illustrator....I have 5 books out right now and will have three more coming out in 2012....You can see some of my work via my website here

and my blog is updated

Posted at 11:08am Dec 12, 2011 EST

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