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Original Post

Has anyone ever attended one of the local bead shows/expos? There is one called the Suburban Bead Encounter that is held in Naperville every year - I just missed it, it was on May 15th at the Hilton Lisle/Naperville. It seems like it would be pretty neat - just wondering if anyone had checked them out, uses them somewhat regularly, or knew of any upcoming nearby shows!

Posted at 10:19pm May 31, 2011 EDT


I had no idea there were bead expos near Naperville!!! Oh my gosh...! Well, I better get online and start hunting down these shows and fairs and expos. There's so many different things going on in different towns. It's so hard to keep up. I even get confused with cruise nights for the different downtowns lol.

Posted at 1:00am Aug 13, 2011 EDT

I know - there is SO much going on...especially in the summer time it seems like. I have been trying to keep my list of events current, but it is really hard to keep up with!

Posted at 8:39pm Aug 15, 2011 EDT

Yeah I haven't heard of that one either. I did go to one last year in Des Plaines I think that was the international gem show. I don't remember what the name was so 100%, but it was a good show. There was a vendor there I really liked, but they don't sell online to reorder which is a shame. I have been just ordering online since the gas prices are so high now, but I would like to go to at least one in the fall if anyone knows of any other ones!

Posted at 7:28pm Sep 8, 2011 EDT

I've been to the Suburban Bead Encounter a few times. Honestly, don't waist your time (or $5 admission fee). It's a VERY small show with VERY little variety. I went a couple of times hoping it would improve, it's a new show after all. But no. In fact, it's gotten worse. They switched locations this fall and their selection got even smaller.

Posted at 11:18pm Sep 24, 2011 EDT