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Anyone from Australia who uses wool or felt in their handmade items - or sells wool or felt making supplies

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Original Post

Hi all,
hope you're well.
Wondered if people wanted to share where they find supplies to make all their wool and felt goodies.

I buy quite a bit of my felt rovings from a local wool store called 'Woollsy Trading Post' on Shannon Ave in Geelong West (I don't think they have an online store) and sometimes I pick up some fair trade felt balls on ebay!

Posted at 8:56pm Dec 2, 2011 EST


I buy my wool from our closest Spotlight but have been looking for more suppliers for a while, would love to hear where everyone gets theirs from.

Posted at 4:40pm Dec 4, 2011 EST

this might be of interest to some of you spinners, I had an email this morning about a website that has just started which makes it easy to find batts on etsy called www.spinningbatts.com/

Posted at 5:08pm Dec 5, 2011 EST

Lincraft,Spotlight(only when on sale)
Op-shops in the form of balls, but I reclaim wool from any wonderful op-shop knitted or crocheted garment I can lay my hands on.(must be a great colour though)
Takes a lot of time and patience but I could not afford it otherwise.
A friend is swapping me some of her stash for one of these:


Posted at 8:37pm Dec 10, 2011 EST

swapping and op-shopping is a great way to get supplies. I'm not much of a knitter, but used to work with some women who would unravel woollen jumpers from the oppy and knit up some amazing creations.

Posted at 12:25am Dec 11, 2011 EST

My felt I get from my friend who dyes it by hand....I get it at mates rates. Roving I get from www.virginiafarmwoolworks.com.au

My 100% wool stuffing I get from them too!

Posted at 4:07am Dec 13, 2011 EST

I'm actually looking for some merino (or BFL) superwash merino in semi-bulk amounts, like 2kg-10kg. I've been looking around the net but I keep coming up with US suppliers and the postage would be a killer! Anyone know where I might be able to find some?

Posted at 4:16am Dec 19, 2011 EST

I will be selling fleece/roving for felting or spinning. Have put up a few colours but if anyone wants particular colours let me know.

Posted at 12:48am Feb 8, 2012 EST

I get all my wool from Bendigo woolen mills... it's the cheapest pure merino wool I have found and they do free shipping over a certain amount. Love the fact that it is local too!

Posted at 7:45am Feb 13, 2012 EST

Mahjak from Mahjak says

I have been buying my felt from benziebazaar.etsy.com
The quality and colours are great. Now that the US dollar is giving us better value for our money I have found it cheaper to buy from overseas.
Sometimes the quality in Spotlight or Riot Art is OK too but I can't always guarantee the colour variety there. I am always looking for new colours. I buy a lot of supplies from Etsy.

Posted at 11:42pm Mar 1, 2012 EST

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