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Original Post

Hi everyone! New member and first time poster. :)

I've been around on Etsy since '08, but as my work schedule can be rather unpredictable, I was never very consistent or devoted to my Etsy endeavors. I just opened up a new shop for a project I am SUPER excited about, and was told by a dear friend that I absolutely had to join this team; that everyone here is WONDERFUL!

How can I say no to that?! So... Yay! Hello!!! I'm still working a lot of the kinks out with my store, reshooting photos (I understand that black backgrounds are a big no-no. Ooops!) and making minor adjustments. But, I'm excited and happy to be here!



Posted at 9:19pm Jul 10, 2012 EDT


Hello. I love the black backgrounds for your shop. I know they do not work for everyone. But, they work for you. Your shop is amazing. I like bugs and such.

Posted at 9:37pm Jul 10, 2012 EDT

Dawn from p1xie says

Welcome to the team Jenn! Glad to have you here

Posted at 9:42pm Jul 10, 2012 EDT

Hi Jenn & welcome!

Awesome shop, I think your photos look great =c)

Posted at 9:46pm Jul 10, 2012 EDT

Hi and welcome! I've been on this team for several months; got beat up upstairs and was invited down here. Love these guys.
As for your photos, OMG, Stunning and Fabulosa!!

Posted at 9:50pm Jul 10, 2012 EDT


Awesome shop :)

Posted at 10:08pm Jul 10, 2012 EDT

Phanie says
Edited on Jul 10, 2012

Welcome, Jenn! :D

Your items are truly breathtaking and on my WANT NOW list!! Agree with the others, black is perfect for your pieces- they highlight the iridescence perfectly!

I won't ask your trade secrets but I am completely in awe over how perfect your impressions are! Whew! I had to stop and show my husband your teal and burgundy butterfly clip :)

Posted at 10:10pm Jul 10, 2012 EDT

Welcome! Enjoy your stay, because it's been raining everyday here, so I've been indoors more often recently. XD

Posted at 12:51am Jul 11, 2012 EDT

Black backgrounds are always my default, but you never see a black background on the ol' front page. So, I'll keep my pretty ladies, but replace the black backgrounds with the cliche white with a piece of driftwood. hahahaha! I actually did a test today and it looks rather nice... so, whatever. :)

And thanks everyone! So, so much!!! So happy to be here! The idea of a low key, drama-free team is just about the most appealing thing in the world.

And Phanie- it took a lot of trial and error, but I was able to come up with a really effective process. I have a 100% success ratio now with my bug casts. Bring me a bug, and I WILL get a casting of it! (after playing with it, taking photos of it, and probably giving it a stupid name and a silly accent... hehehe).

Posted at 12:52am Jul 11, 2012 EDT

Rena from Sunnara says

Hello and welcome! Just warning you, I went on a mini-hearting rampage in your shop, lol. The photos are just absolutely gorgeous, and I want one of your hair pieces SO badly!

Posted at 1:08am Jul 11, 2012 EDT

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