Pattern Patter Team PATTERN NUMBER GAME 5000 to 5999

Who can join?

Pattern Patter Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Pattern Patter is a Moderated Team. Please read the requirements below before applying. If you are unsure, feel free to contact the Captain.

The Pattern Patter Team is a group of Vintage Sewing Pattern sellers. Our focus is physical vintage patterns however; our members also carry modern patterns and some PDF patterns.

We provide help and support to our members through team threads, social media, optional subscriptions to CoPA, (Pattern Archive), as well as off-site advertising opportunities.

Our Threads are an important hub of information for our members. If you are not a person who will visit the threads often, please subscribe to the email digest **link is at the bottom of the page in the left margin.

Members assist each other with questions on pricing, dating, conditions, etc. Our daily chat is where we kick off our shoes and share each other’s glories and sorrows as well. Our members have an incredible range of expertise that they are willing to share with each other to improve our shops and our sales.

**REQUIRED** Each month every member must “check-in” by posting in the Check-in Thread. When checking in, please include a link to your contribution to the team. Below are possible ways to contribute. If you have a different idea of how to contribute, please contact the captain for approval.

•Team Treasury - Treasury must be 100% pattern patter members and include Pattern Patter Team Tag to qualify
•Blog Post - featuring member shops, items, tagged with team name. Promotes sewing with vintage patterns from team shops.
•Social Media - Links to a minimum of 3 social media posts promoting shops on the Pattern Patter Team other than your own.

All members are required to maintain 80% of the inventory in their shop as sewing patterns and comply with ALL of Etsy’s rules and requirements. For example, you must disclose any other Etsy accounts that you have or participate with in any way. You must list all people who contribute to your shop in any way.

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Original Post

Here is a fun way to promote items in your shop.

Here are the rules:
1) Each week you can post new patterns for the number of the week. This week promote your patterns that have a pattern number between 5000 to 5999

2) Each week the number range will increase. Next week, the pattern number range will be from 6000 to 6999, the week after, the range will be 7000 to 7999 and so on and so forth....

3) You can post from any brand, any year, as often, and as many as you want, as long as it is in pattern range for the week. (HINT: Post only five items at a time so your picture will show. If you have more than 5 post in another reply).

4) The week will run Friday to Friday.

Have fun as we travel the history of patterns. Don't forget to leave a heart for all of those other patternistas patterns!

Posted at 3:29pm Jun 29, 2012 EDT


I am contributing my favoritedest pattern of the day :

Posted at 1:46pm Jul 1, 2012 EDT