Pattern Patter Team 2nd Anniversary Black Tie Blitz

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Pattern Patter Team is a moderated team with the following requirements:

Pattern Patter is a Moderated Team. Please read the requirements below before applying. If you are unsure, feel free to contact the Captain.

The Pattern Patter Team is a group of Vintage Sewing Pattern sellers. Our focus is physical vintage patterns however; our members also carry modern patterns and some PDF patterns.

We provide help and support to our members through team threads, social media, optional subscriptions to CoPA, (Pattern Archive), as well as off-site advertising opportunities.

Our Threads are an important hub of information for our members. If you are not a person who will visit the threads often, please subscribe to the email digest **link is at the bottom of the page in the left margin.

Members assist each other with questions on pricing, dating, conditions, etc. Our daily chat is where we kick off our shoes and share each other’s glories and sorrows as well. Our members have an incredible range of expertise that they are willing to share with each other to improve our shops and our sales.

**REQUIRED** Each month every member must “check-in” by posting in the Check-in Thread. When checking in, please include a link to your contribution to the team. Below are possible ways to contribute. If you have a different idea of how to contribute, please contact the captain for approval.

•Team Treasury - Treasury must be 100% pattern patter members and include Pattern Patter Team Tag to qualify
•Blog Post - featuring member shops, items, tagged with team name. Promotes sewing with vintage patterns from team shops.
•Social Media - Links to a minimum of 3 social media posts promoting shops on the Pattern Patter Team other than your own.

All members are required to maintain 80% of the inventory in their shop as sewing patterns and comply with ALL of Etsy’s rules and requirements. For example, you must disclose any other Etsy accounts that you have or participate with in any way. You must list all people who contribute to your shop in any way.

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Original Post

Friday, June 7th marks the Two Year Anniversary of The Pattern Patter Team. We are celebrating this momentous event with a Black Tie Gala. Find awesome ball gowns as well as fabulous every day patterns both vintage and newer right here in our own special Blitz-Browse thread.


What is a Blitz?
The purpose of the Blitz is to literally flood the Etsy Marketplace
with patterns.

How do I participate?
The party begins at midnight in your time zone. Join in when you are able.
To participate please post new or renewed listings to this thread during this time period. Once we start publishing our listings then we promote.

How do I promote?
When new and renewed listings are posted to this team thread, it is
every Team Member's job to favorite each others listings and pin the most
fabulous to your boards as well as to our team Pinterest boards.
Liking and Tweeting and Treasuries are also great promotional tools. Use them.

This thread is also a public thread that can be posted to your blog or other social media outlets. And share it with those Blogs you follow. We welcome
shoppers to pop in and Browse.

Posted at 10:08am May 4, 2013 EDT


The following shops are offering special sales to commemorate Pattern Patter's 2nd Anniversary. Some sales are one day only, while others are extended. Please visit all of our team members shops for all of your pattern and sewing needs. And please browse these pages for the latest listings in our member's shops.

Posted at 6:56am Jun 6, 2013 EDT

Ooooo, look at all the pretties! Love them!

Posted at 5:14pm Jun 6, 2013 EDT

Mary Beth says

Posted the link on my Facebook Page!
Going to tweet too :)

Posted at 6:13pm Jun 6, 2013 EDT

Great start!
I will be posting in a few hours, meanwhile, I'll get tweeting and will post the link on my facebook page too!

Posted at 6:16pm Jun 6, 2013 EDT