Down with Reselling & Resellers Anyone news on the reseller front, guys?

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Examples of things we ALLOWED to chat about.
- What "handmade" items are most popular on the re-selling 'list'?
- How do we we protect ourselves from buying from a re-seller?
- What do I look for?
- What sites are most popular for the re-sellers to buy from?

..and the like.
I found a blog on reselling about a month ago.
FYI It's NOT mine but someone I know from the forums, and Facebook.

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Original Post

Has anyone came across any new information on reselling lately?

Posted at 3:49am Jun 11, 2011 EDT


The soap reseller we have been discussing has taken all down, and will NOT be doing a heartsy feature!

Posted at 9:26pm Jun 15, 2011 EDT

is there any place i can point buyers to with lists of folks who are reselling? i would consult it myself. i am telling folks to convo their seller before purchase asking a question or about custom work. that usually ferrets it out i think. that is my current M.O.

Posted at 7:11pm Nov 17, 2011 EST

Downtoearthcreations: Currently there is no list on etsy. Geeyousmellgood (OP) has referred to an off site blog which outs resellers:

Posted at 12:32am Nov 18, 2011 EST

why does it want a login, i'm just trying to get to the blog ...

Posted at 11:48pm Dec 3, 2011 EST

i've been to, but there's no way to search a reseller, or i'm not having any success with suspected resellers.

Posted at 11:49pm Dec 3, 2011 EST

maro47 says

A basic tutorial would be great!

Posted at 7:53am Dec 4, 2011 EST

maro47 says

For now I have learn that the jewelry from Alibaba is all around Etsy.

Posted at 8:11am Dec 5, 2011 EST

Google no longer allows access to any blogs using their blogspot utility without creating a Google account.

I would suggest that people creating blogs search out an alternative to their new privacy BS.

Posted at 7:35am Apr 17, 2012 EDT