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Original Post

I'd like to print be able to print out a stats report within a section and date range. Example:

Keywords, last year
Keywords, this month

It would be really useful when I'm trying to optimize my relevancy and SEO.

Posted at 9:28am Jun 4, 2012 EDT


Shop stats are great and I'd love to see them be even better. I think my request is similar to Brad & Maggie's -- All the stats modules should support 'export to .csv' so we can analyze the data more effectively. There are 116 'pages' of search keywords that have referred visitors to my shop. I would really appreciate the ability to see them all at once in a spreadsheet.

Same goes for Search Ads performance - I want to be able to calculate CTR % for keywords to help me refine my ad targeting, retire keywords that perform poorly, etc. This would really increase the usefulness of these Shop Stats modules for me.

Thanks for listening, admin!

Posted at 2:43pm Jun 29, 2012 EDT