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Original Post

Hi Etsy!

This is probably a tall order, and I know I can get a lot if it in Google Analytics, but I would really like to see some new features on Etsy regarding Analytics.

I'm frustrated with the basic Analytics we have here, but let me also add that I'm very spoiled. I'm a Sr Sls Reporting Analyst for a Fortune 50 company. Part of that is I own the reporting site for my segment (I code in CF) and maintain the db, both on load balanced servers.

So...I would really like to follow my traffic more in depth. I can already see landing pages based on keywords, but where did they go after that (within my shop)?

What % of my traffic is new vs returning?

What's my bounce rate per keyword and per listing?

I'd really like to leverage my keywords more; what % of traffic am I receiving per matching keyword search?

Can I please get pie charts on some of the above?

Those are what would help me most....I know it's not a short list :)

Food for thought!
Thanks :)

Posted at 11:21am Jul 1, 2012 EDT


I agree with Crys' suggestions. The Etsy stats are a good start but are a bit vague about the details that could help us.

Posted at 12:52pm Jul 3, 2012 EDT

I'm relatively new to Etsy, and very new to GA, and am still learning about both as far as how to use them, what info can be found by digging around a bit etc. That said, the more info that Etsy can provide us on the site the better. The one thing computers do really well and really quickly is collect and arrange data, so I don't see that any of these suggestions (and even more) would be difficult for Etsy to implement.

I would like to see more detail in the "Direct Traffic" - under Traffic Sources - stat. Right now it is a combination of a lot of diverse sources and it would probably be quite useful to us to know the breakdown within that stat.

Posted at 10:35am Jul 5, 2012 EDT