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Original Post

It would be fantastic if we could see how many people are checking out our new 'About' pages. Many of us have put a lot of thought and time into them, they are a FAB new feature on Etsy and it would be great to be able to assess whether they are getting any traffic at all.

The only stats available right now is how many folks went to our shop FROM the 'About' page (so the 'About' page as a traffic source).

How ABOUT it, Etsy??? :-)



Posted at 12:09pm Jul 3, 2012 EDT


I second that idea. I have not finished my about page, but it will be interesting to see how many people view them! Patti ( newbie team member)

Posted at 8:46am Jul 4, 2012 EDT

I was wondering if this could be a possibility too!

Posted at 11:39am Jul 12, 2012 EDT

If you have your shop set up with Google Analytics, you can see these stats. Hopefully, this will be integrated into Etsy at some point, though.

Posted at 9:58pm Jul 15, 2012 EDT

It would help if the stats were broken down for pages viewed > your shop. "Your shop" includes views for the About page, Profile, Policies? Anything else?

Posted at 8:37pm Sep 29, 2012 EDT

I agree

Posted at 6:27am Oct 2, 2012 EDT


I just checked out your about page. I love it. Wonderful photos and lovely narrative.

Posted at 9:56pm Oct 3, 2012 EDT

Thanks Laurie! :-)

Posted at 5:18pm Oct 8, 2012 EDT

I for one didn't even know about the "new About" page...I bet most don't.

Miri yours is wonderful!!!!

I'll have to work on one...would be interesting to know how many do know about this feature. I always thought the About page was the one you saw when you clicked on the owner's name.

Take Care,
Hickety Pickety

Posted at 8:36pm Nov 11, 2012 EST

I wondered if the About page was included in the stats or not. There are some sellers who have fantastically detailed About pages and are probably eager to know if potential buyers are viewing the information.

Posted at 3:57pm Nov 12, 2012 EST