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I don't get a huge number of hits from any sites. That being said, and looking at it from a limited view, what I see is that this number of search engines is completely dependent upon what was searched from AND from which search engines. Any day you will see this number of sources change because it is directly linked to the specific search. I think all you are seeing is that during that day, those specific four or whatever number of search engines are the ones that people used to try to find your items. It seems logical that the number of sources would always be changing.

Posted at 10:12am Jul 27, 2012 EDT

i've been getting a few different links lately. Mostly mine are direct or etsy related. I went from 222 views the other day to only 12 so far today. No sales for a couple of weeks though. Sales for me are down from 8 last month to 2 this month. I sure hope they pick up soon.

Posted at 1:43pm Jul 27, 2012 EDT