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Original Post

How about adding a graph that shows how much you have spent through the month on fees (listing, renewing, sales, etc). That way you can track your cost versus your income.

Posted at 3:38pm Jul 21, 2012 EDT


Oooh! Good idea. I'd love to be able to easily see all my expenses broken down by type of expense in graph form. That info would be very helpful.

Posted at 6:45am Jul 22, 2012 EDT

I use
Etsy - Paypal - other venues - bank accounts etc can be linked all in one place.
It also gives you Tax estimates - have a look and see if it would work for you

Posted at 12:06pm Jul 22, 2012 EDT

You can easily track what you've spent on Etsy fees by looking at your bill.

And even that doesn't track your total expenses.

Remember that Etsy is a venue for selling and NOT an inventory control system.

Posted at 4:47pm Jul 22, 2012 EDT

Etsy provides graphs for all types of sales and views information on the Shop Stats. I really don't think asking them for a total by expense category of our bill and asking for a simple graph of that information is asking for the moon. I would think this would be a relatively simple task, considering some of the other things they are working on.

I'm certainly NOT asking for an inventory control system, nor do I believe WireForHire is - not even close.

Posted at 12:13pm Jul 23, 2012 EDT

And I think seeing a breakdown of my expenses would be MUCH more helpful to my business than seeing what treasuries I'm in.

Posted at 12:14pm Jul 23, 2012 EDT

This would be wonderful!!!

Posted at 8:54pm Jul 24, 2012 EDT

This may be a feature that would benefit people with huge selling success on Etsy, but for us small sellers, it is easy enough to just look at the bill and see the two numbers. I'm trying to think if other venues offer this feature, but I don't think they do.

Posted at 10:18am Jul 27, 2012 EDT

Jessica says

I also use It's very convenient, I also have a Peachtree program, but find myself just going through the outright program, since I have to enter very minimal data at the end of the month. If a person consistently uses the same bank account or credit / debit card for expenses.. outright works great! You can even change categories for expenses and everything :)

Posted at 11:11am Aug 17, 2012 EDT

on when I went to sign up and got to the part where they ask for access to my etsy data, it said that they would be able to edit my shop including descriptions...... etc.
Did I read this correctly? That doesn't sound right.

Posted at 6:22am Aug 18, 2012 EDT

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