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Original Post

Ok guys, I've been formulating an idea for a new treasury challenge/game.

The idea is the winner from each weekly game chooses an inspiration item which can be any listing from anywhere on etsy, and an inspiration phrase to go with that item. When the deadline for the entries is up they get to choose the winning treasury and pass the baton to that person so to speak.

To make it interesting participants create a treasury which includes the inspiration item and one, or two at the most, item listings from our team. I thought it would make it more interesting to do and make for more interesting treasuries if we limit the number of items from our team.

I'd like to make it a weekly game which starts at the weekend with a deadline for say wednesday, to give time for a winner to be chosen and a for that person to come up with an inspiration item and inspiration phrase for the next one.

At the deadline I'll contact the appropriate people for their choice of winning treasury and new inspiration item etc. so that I can start a new thread for the next one.

So rules are:
1. create a treasury which includes the inspiration item.
2. treasury must include at least one but no more than two items from our team.
3. tags must include 'made from socks' and the inspiration phrase.
4. entries must be posted to the correct thread.
5. entrants need to be available to contact at the deadline.

To get the ball rolling I'll start us off with an inspiration item and phrase.
Hope I've made everything clear and not too complicated, any questions or suggestions let me know.

Inspo item is

and the inspiration phrase is 'wild at heart'

Have fun! :(])

Posted at 5:16 pm Apr 27, 2012 EDT


Awesome - sounds like fun!!!

Posted at 7:17 pm Apr 27, 2012 EDT

brilliant :) when's the deadline?

Posted at 4:17 am Apr 28, 2012 EDT

We'll try for Wednesday for now and see how it goes, I'll give a reminder on the thread and end the thread when the deadline is up. if it's too soon for folks let me know, I know how long it takes to do a treasury, I've been trying to do mine this morning and am up to about 4 hours, although it doesn't help that my computer is being really slow. Obviously I'm not going to pick my own as a winner, just wanted to do it for fun.
P.S I've titled mine with the inspiration phrase but you can give your own title as long as the inspo phrase is in the tags

Posted at 5:27 am Apr 28, 2012 EDT

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