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Original Post

well we can all see in each others shops, but I figured I would start this thread since some of us probably do not sell the same stuff online as at cons (I don't for one).

So what do you sell online, what do you sell at cons?

online: mostly vintage toys, house wares, hand made kawaii/lolita/harajuku jewelry, some supplies (doll making and cyberlox xupplies) cyberlox, and some resin jewelry.

At cons: customized respirators, cyberlox, "official raver survival kits" (kandi grab bags), some jewelry (very little) and some steampunkyness. Oh, and our latest, brain sucking jellyfish hats from outer space.

Posted at 8:26am Jul 12, 2011 EDT


I sell everything in my shop online, and we also sell small portal cubes and some hats we don't have listed. We also sell over 150 different pin-buttons as well!

Posted at 10:21am Jul 14, 2011 EDT

BitOfSugar says

We sell kawaii sweet themed jewelry at the moment. I did my first con this past April, have a second this September and am so excited to expand our product line for 2012!

Posted at 10:16am Jul 15, 2011 EDT

MoiraCoon says

I vend essentially what you see in my shop, the charms and other bits. For con art shows, I exhibit more art-ish jewelery a bracelet of sterling silver wrapped vintage fuses and freshwater pearls (my shop is actually a bit sparse on that sort of thing right now as I prep for a few events). I've also done artist alleys at furry cons, making collars and such onsite.

Posted at 7:57am Jul 16, 2011 EDT

I sell everything I have in my shop at cons but I also sell prints, which I don't sell in my shop. I'm going to be selling buttons for the first time as well at the next con I go to

Posted at 7:31am Jul 18, 2011 EDT

Online I sell only fleece hats: dragon, panda, fox, cat, wolf, frog & occasionally some others.
At conventions I sell my hats, felt hair clips & perler bead creations (hair clips, magnets & coasters)

Posted at 7:01pm Jul 21, 2011 EDT

BitOfSugar, I just ran across your stuff earlier =P Super cute!

Posted at 7:42pm Jul 22, 2011 EDT

Geekazoid says

We vend our decals, as well as cutting custom stuff on demand at shows. We also sell pinback buttons (we're starting to list them over on Artfire, and may try to list them here as well), and handmade journals.

Posted at 5:27pm Aug 8, 2011 EDT