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I know this thread was a while back but does anyone know of any other tree branches to stay away from. It's pretty easy to figure most out like pine and cedar... I can get manzanita from the park in town but I have mesquite everywhere and cholla. Cholla however I have a phobia about. I was told as a kid to watch out for the "jumping cactus" as it would get me. At 46 I still believe that and cry like a baby if any gets on me. LOL so any suggestions would be great.
I have been using the baby rings mostly. But my little family doesn't play the same as Jax did. He would weave himself through and loop his tail then drop them to crash against the cage wall. His favorite game.
Oh yes hubby got out his power sprayer and I am a happy happy camper!

Posted at 3:03am Jun 4, 2012 EDT

barbboran says

I was thinking about getting a pair of sugargliders but I was also told they don't stink either. My husband cannot tolerate any smells from animals so I'm concerned now. I was told by a vet that the smell is based more on what u feed them ie bugs, mealworms etc and that they have a pellet food that is good for them along with vitamins but that u can give them fruit etc too. Is this true or not? I love the internet but hate it too.

Posted at 11:39pm Feb 9, 2014 EST

Hi Barbboran,
I'm new here and I foster (rodents, primarily, occasionally other small exotics) and though I have not adopted or fostered any sugar gliders, I have fostered insectivores before--Short Tailed Opposums who came from a terrible cruelty case, poor babies. They had to be resocialized and taught to trust humans again. I adopted one and adored him, BUT he was a ton of work (had to have his own faux brazil in one of our rooms with heat and humidity adjusted and monitored) and insectivore food and poop smells appalling. I am told by the glider fosters that these little guys are even worse because their poop sticks to everything. I don't mean that to scare you away from adopting gliders, necessarily, just that you should be prepared for the upkeep. I like all-metal cages for my small pets and fosters because they are chew proof and don't absorb odors like other surfaces. Wood toys are fun but have to be tossed frequently, as others have noted.

As for food, with my adopted short-tailed opossum, Zombie (who sadly passed on after a few years. He had a series of strokes and was probably of advanced age though his age when we got him was unknown), and the other STO's I fostered, most of the commercial diets available in pelleted form were unbelievably bad. Just made of garbage. Seriously, one listed "old bakery goods" as an ingredient. Does my little insectivore suddenly need stale donuts to enhance his nutrition? I eventually (and I looked around a lot, at zoo supply companies (the WORST offenders--they must feed those animals complete trash) exotic animal supply companies, manufacturers, etc. and I found canned insectivore food that was decent. Before that I had to make my own mix, which he liked, but it was a pain and smelled gross while you made it. I also fed canned insects which I fed to him by holding them with chopsticks and he loved those. But you also have to be careful with the type of insects you feed. Meal worms are too fatty for most insectivores to eat often. They're a treat, but not a mainstay of their diet. He loved grasshoppers (though ugh, they are SO gross, but for my "baby" I'd do anything. :)), crickets, bee larvae, etc. He adored persimmons, too. But yeah, the poop was shockingly smelly. But so are bugs. Stinky in, stinky out, right?

I realize you wrote this in Feb. and it's May now, but I'm new and I wanted to say hello anyway, and thought I'd offer what I know from keeping Zombie and his friends, and what I've gleaned from some of the sugar glider fosters. The most important thing before you get any animal is to pick up some books and read them. Don't depend solely on the internet. When you do get info from the internet, remember to consider who you are getting it from. Check out the group running the web pages and their credentials. Good luck and have fun with your research!

Posted at 6:28pm May 10, 2014 EDT

If you put any wood in the cage it will always smell like urine since it will absorb into it. Vinegar works great and so does simple green which is also safe for your suggies! I have 2 girls and I never find the oder that strong, i almost never wash their toys (unless they're sticky) just their cage sets/bedding because when you have a super clean cage they will scent it up all over again! If you have a male getting him neutered will help with the smell, it will be less musky :)

Posted at 1:35pm Jul 7, 2014 EDT

and Selena Eucalyptus branches are great for them!! You can order them off of ebay if you cant find any locally- and you can freeze them so that they don't dry up too quick! It will also make their cage smell great!

Posted at 1:37pm Jul 7, 2014 EDT

I don't own suggies anymore, but did own quite a tribe of them for almost a decade. I used this awesome stuff called Poop Off that comes in a spray bottle and is made for bird cages. It makes cleaning up super quick!

Posted at 12:36pm Jul 10, 2014 EDT