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Jacque says

Wooo! Passed my revenue goal for the month with 13 days to go!

Posted at 10:03 pm Jun 17, 2012 EDT

Well done Jacque! We'll be about 2/3's the way when our custom order is paid for!

Posted at 10:15 pm Jun 17, 2012 EDT

My June goal is to sell enough inventory is one manner or another so that I can expand into a lotion product line and improve my recipes with better ingredients

Posted at 6:12 pm Jun 18, 2012 EDT

Mon from dorsetclothing says
Edited on Jun 30, 2012

Well June is over here in Aus, how did everyone go this month?

I reached none of my goals, due to sickness and other issues. I'm much better now, so hopefully I'll have a better July.

Hope everyone else did better than me!

Posted at 7:23 pm Jun 30, 2012 EDT

Jacque says

I cannot believe how fast the months go! = ( Hoping you a better July Mon! Glad you are feeling better! Here are my updates:

-Reassess each product line and decide whether to continue line >> Started, but not complete.
-If product line is discontinued, brainstorm new product lines >> Started, but not complete.
-$300 in sales (combination of Etsy and offline) >> Did not complete, due to closing shop to better my products/listings/photos/etc.
-Research better labels >> Did not start

-Update titles/tags >> Done!
-$250 in sales >> Surpassed my goal!


-Pay off credit card >> Started, but not complete.
-Save $500 >> A little short.
-Catch back up on house bills that are behind due to slow sales last month >> Started, almost caught up!

Posted at 10:54 pm Jun 30, 2012 EDT

- Hit the 100 mark in listings by aiming for 120 >> got to 107 listings.. but hit the 100 mark at least!
- Work on tags/titles/seo everyday: >> Done and ongoing
- Get back to blogging, the poor thing's been ignored with all the baby drama: >> Done, and have figured out how to schedule posts so now a week ahead!
- Start working on our plan of attack for Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Christmas >> Done and ready
- $100 in sales. >> Not quite but not far off!
- Order supplies from the US (sucks when the things you need you cant get here!) for new product line we're introducing. >> Ordered, received and using in new listings!


- Take a bit of timeout for myself once a week instead of here and there.. realise that Adam can deal with bubs for an hr or two himself and I don't need to be here ;) >> done, and done, and done!
- Save up enough to buy a new washing machine.. ours is starting to head down the path of no return. >> Something else has come up, this is getting pushed back a few months.

Posted at 4:07 am Jul 1, 2012 EDT

The shop beat views from last month. Did not meet my 200 sales mark that I really wanted.

I did have to buy a new sewing machine in order to keep making potholders and oven mitts. I did get everything finished that I had in the queue.

Posted at 1:02 pm Jul 1, 2012 EDT

Well, June wasn't as great as May but I'm not complaining! I'm actually adding more and more items each day so I'm hoping that should get things going (that and the CIJ sale!)

June goals
Views 6500 >> 5350
Favorites 900 >>> 758
Orders 30 >>> 29 orders
Revenue 1000$ (a bit of a stretch, but I was almost there last month so I think I can make it...) >>>> Nope, did NOT make it! About 250$ short of it!
Number of listings 240 >>> 235 listings as of today..

Hope sales will be good in Christmas in July!

Posted at 8:50 pm Jul 1, 2012 EDT

Mori from morij says

I was able to make a ton of scrolls. over 100 big ones, 50 medium ones and 60 mini. They are made but not painted lol. Working on that this week. Lol. I'm hoping to get some of these in my shop!

Posted at 9:04 pm Jul 1, 2012 EDT

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