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Original Post

Hi All!
I just wanted to get the word out there that I am hosting a free blog giveaway! I'll be hosting a drawing for a free blue Swarovski Crystal bracelet! If your interested check out my blog at www.beadazzledjewels.blogspot.com for instructions on how to win. It's easy!

Also, I'm interested in checking out any blogs you guys have! Let me know where you are at so I can follow you! If you do have a blog I would also be interested in how much success you've had with it. Thanks!

Posted at 12:54 pm Jul 21, 2011 EDT


Hello! Here's my blog: figarogirl.wordpress.com/

I've had minor success with my blog -- not a lot of traffic, but it's steadily growing. Promote, promote, promote!

I checked out your blog too. :)

Posted at 9:44 pm Jul 21, 2011 EDT

I just joined the blogosphere fairly recently. Would love some new visitors and followers. :)


Posted at 10:18 pm Aug 3, 2011 EDT

hi! heers my blog mylifestartsnow69.blogspot.com/

and i am curently running an online auction to benefit Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Light The Night

i will check yuor blogs and 'follow'!

Posted at 9:45 am Aug 16, 2011 EDT

figarogirl i cant find where to join yuor blog?

Posted at 9:52 am Aug 16, 2011 EDT

Hi! I just started a new blog! I'd really appreciate some love!



Posted at 8:23 pm Sep 10, 2011 EDT

nikkihodum says

I love blogging! Thats actually how I got into etsy was because a blog friend knew I was a designer and suggested it. I find it is a really great way to connect with people- they learn more about you, you can talk about what inspired you and and your creative process. I post new listings on my blog and have had some giveways.

Here is my blog, and I'll make sure to check out all of your blogs!

Posted at 11:50 pm Sep 10, 2011 EDT

DizzyOwl says

Hi everyone! Im trying to get into the blogging thing (im terrible at keeping up with it) as of right now I have a tumblr account that is sitll pretty new, im working on making it look better and posting to it regularly. Id of course love any and all visitors:


let me know what you think, id love any feedback that you might have.

p.s if you like the banner on the page or the banner in my shop:

and wonder where you can get a similar one, see nikki at Delightful Designs (the post right above me actually) she made them and shes wonderful! :}

Posted at 9:44 pm Sep 14, 2011 EDT

Latest blog post! A soft vintage photo shoot- and a few tips on photographing kids. If you have any tips, you're welcome to post on the blog!

Posted at 12:06 am Sep 19, 2011 EDT

I everyone, I just created my blog a few weeks ago. Please feel free to stop by and say "Hi"


Posted at 6:33 pm Sep 21, 2011 EDT

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