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Original Post

KiraFerrer says

Hi Keri, welcome to the team!

Posted at 9:01pm Jun 17, 2011 EDT


KiraFerrer says

Welcome new members. I hope this will be a great place for us to get to know each other, alert each other to local artist events, cross-promote, etc...

Posted at 3:27pm Jun 27, 2011 EDT

Aloha Kira!

Thank you for inviting me to the Maui Artists team. I look forward to ideas and working with the other team members.


Posted at 4:12pm Jun 27, 2011 EDT

KiraFerrer says

Welcome, Chreryl! Glad you joined.

I guess we could use this thread to introduce ourselves, maybe say a few words about what we do.

I live upcountry and make jewelry. I know a few of the members here from using the jewelry studio at the Hui in Makawao.

Posted at 4:38pm Jun 27, 2011 EDT

i live upcountry also and opened an Etsy shop in September of this year. My shop sells letterpress printed cards with personalized services. I use two vintage 1900s' printing presses and love the process of letterpress printing!

Posted at 5:01pm Jun 27, 2011 EDT

KiraFerrer says

Hi Linda! I really admire your stationary, beautifully done. How cool that you use vintage presses.

Posted at 5:06pm Jun 27, 2011 EDT

Hi Kira, thank you for inviting me to join your team. I look forward to the interaction with others.

Posted at 1:44pm Jun 28, 2011 EDT

KiraFerrer says

Hi Simone, glad to meet you and see your beautiful photos of the island!

Posted at 5:44pm Jun 28, 2011 EDT

I'm honored to be on an a team with all you amazing Maui artists!! Support each others art, thats what its all about :)

Posted at 6:24pm Jun 28, 2011 EDT

KiraFerrer says

Hi Melissa, welcome! Glad you are here!

Posted at 7:10pm Jun 28, 2011 EDT