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Original Post

A penny for your thoughts........

I started this thread just to chat, whatever you want to chat about ........

Whats new in your life?
What project are you working on?
Are you having relationship problems?
Did you just meet someone fabulous?
Any promotions at your day job?
Any problems at your day job?
Ok Im sure you get the idea...... lets just chat, get to know each other better, be friends, help each other out, whats up? :)

Posted at 10:10pm Sep 6, 2011 EDT


I've been working on a portrait of British Soul Singer Joss Stone for the past couple of weeks and I am finally almost done. Just finishing up her hair, should be done tonight or tomorrow and I am looking forward to showing the pics. I need to have it done before Friday cause the reason I am painting it is for the Jazz Blues Fest I am vending at this Friday and Saturday night, its an out door show from 5pm to Midnight and I had to borrow lighting from my husbands boss, this is the first time I have ever done an outdoors show at night, should be interesting.
Anyone else doing any shows this weekend?

Posted at 10:13pm Sep 6, 2011 EDT

I haven't graduated to doing shows. I just deal with taking care of my mom, my day job (with my reduced hours) and still seem to struggle with completing projects. Don't know why that is.

I'm trying to put together some gocco projects and I do look forward to seeing your Joss Stone painting! Very cool. She has a great voice and a look that should lend itself well to artwork.

I wonder if anyone else is trying to make something of their shop while being a caregiver with a day job. I would also LOVE to know what inspires my team members in their awesome creations.

Posted at 1:04am Sep 7, 2011 EDT

kaerl says

Apologies for the venting, but I miss being able to work on Etsy as much as I used to!

I'm in creative stasis while we put our house together. All my work space and materials are packed or shoved aside. I'll be moving into my father's studio space, but it needs a LOT of cleaning and work. He was kind enough to leave us an enormous amount of mess before he and Mom skipped off to their shiny new retirement home. I'll be grateful when it's clean and I can make stuff again :). It's difficult to reach everything I need to just list one book!

My newish full time job is sucking up a lot of energy, but it's a very satisfying project that keeps me knee deep in books, which is where I love to be!

I hope to be in a regular routine soon, and back to participating a bit more!

Posted at 1:14am Sep 7, 2011 EDT

I can't imagine what it would be like to be in either of your shoes with a full time job or caregiving or both. My husband works full time and all I have to do other then art is clean the house, all though my husband complains a lot about my ability to do that, apparently Im a very lousy house keeper lol I do spend most waking hours in my studio, and have been known to sleep walk in here too. I give you both a lot of credit to be able to run an Etsy shop while holding down a full time job, I am not sure I could do it.

I think it would drive me nuts to have everything packed away in boxes too, I really feel for you!!!! Once you get your new studio cleaned up the way you want it though, it should be quite a joy to work in I imagine. When we moved into our house and I finally got my own studio, it took a lot of work to get it painted pink and just the way I want it, but it is so awesome!!!!! Good luck with getting your house ready! Also don't mind at all if you vent, thats what I started this thread for, anything goes!!!!! :)

Posted at 7:03am Sep 7, 2011 EDT

This is a great thread! I used to have a full-time job until I got laid off in 2009. Technology took over my job. I used to be a medical transcriptionist. Now it's a dying art. I was upset at first. Took a receptionist job, which I hated and quit. Also worked at Target for 2 seasons. It was kind of fun but that kind of work is too hard on me now. I worked there at 17 for 2 years but at 58 I can't do what I did then. I love being retired. I work for my neighbor's daycare when she needs help and also sell Avon and do this and with housework, etc., that keeps me busy. I'm in the process of turning my dining room into my temporary craft room as I still have 2 grown kids plus a son in law at home here. I'm hoping they'll move out within the year (the daughter and son in law) but the Mr said they can stay as long as they need to. Hope everyone has a great day. Will check back in later.

Posted at 7:34am Sep 7, 2011 EDT

Baban says

I was a full time teacher until three years ago and I mean full time. I had no life out of planning, marking, parents evenings. The time I actually spent teaching was a small part of my day. I was in charge of the special needs department plus three subject areas. Saturday was the only day I didn't work.
I gave up to work part time with a conservation charity but they expected me to cover the whole of Wales in 2.5 days a week. It was really a full time job but squashed to fit.
The line managers in both jobs were totally incapable of organising a thing. I had to teach my last manager Excel spreadsheets again and again and again. It was just like Groundhog Day! And as for reading them - I gave that up and used to talk him through my budget sheets.
People voted with their feet. I was the 4th teacher to leave in less than a year. After 3 years I was one of the longest serving staff member in the charity. I kept waiting for my boss to leave.
The crunch came when we were called into a meeting to discuss lack of motivation - his not mine - and he blamed me for it! Because I wasn't always in the office he found it difficult to find out information and to answer questions raised from other departments! I pointed out that all the information he needed was on the shared drive in spreadsheets!!!
That was the day I decided to walk. I might not have a job now but my blood pressure is normal. I sleep nights. My life is my own. Poor but happy!

Rant over!

Posted at 10:05am Sep 7, 2011 EDT

I am trying to prepare for a show this weekend as well. I usually do a show the first 2 weekends of the month but this month there is an annual event the 3rd weekend as well, so I am keeping really busy. Actually this weekend's event isn't my normal thing, I am having a jewelry party with all of my jewelry at my friend's house(her house is bigger and nicer than mine!). So in addition to making jewelry like a mad woman, I am providing snacks and drinks. My husband isn't thrilled to be the cabana boy(he also doesn't like that term) but I'm sure once he gets to talking to people he will be just fine.

Posted at 12:14pm Sep 7, 2011 EDT

Cathouse, I didn't have my Etsy shop up and running yet when I was caregiving my parents, but I did have a really demanding Day Job so I know some of what you are going through. If you ever need a sympathetic ear feel free to convo me.

Posted at 12:29pm Sep 7, 2011 EDT

Becky that is awesome that your husband is willing to be the 'cabana boy' lol Mine wouldn't even do it, I know that, but if I could get him to do it, I don't think he would go for the name cabana boy either! that is great!!!!! Good luck at your show, I hope you sell lots and lots and lots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Posted at 12:35pm Sep 7, 2011 EDT