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Original Post

thiswayup1 says

Hey, here's one to get this thing started...

To make your shop stand out, make sure you are creating something that represents who you are. It may seen so simple but there are a lot of cookie cutter shops on Etsy who create the same thing, with the same style and even have very similar shop imagery.

What makes you, well, you? Stick with whatever it is! And you will be sure to stand out from among the foxes and the mustaches ;)

Post your shop questions here or share some advice and tips!

Posted at 4:04 pm Jun 24, 2011 EDT


One huge tip: make a lightbox! I can't tell you how much this has improved the quality of my photos! There are tons of tutorials out there on making them out of cardboard boxes and white tissue paper (which is what I did.)

It's worth it! Here's the tutorial I used:


Posted at 4:57 pm Jun 26, 2011 EDT

thanks for the lightbox link!!

Posted at 10:29 pm Jun 26, 2011 EDT

thiswayup1 says

@ PinkElephant, yes! That is a brilliant tip, thanks.

It is a very easy and inexpensive way to improve your photos.

Posted at 10:30 am Jun 27, 2011 EDT

mmiller55 says

Oh, light box making on my to do list for tomorrow!!

Posted at 12:02 am Jun 30, 2011 EDT

I am struggling with this... There are SO many card makers out there, that I can't stand out. I really feel like my product is different- my cards are all handmade and personalized, where many others are digital, printed, and less handcrafted-looking. (If that is a word.) But how can I get people to my shop to see that my items are unique???

Posted at 9:35 am Jun 30, 2011 EDT

@ anoteworthyoriginal ~
Hi, Elusive here...
I just looked at your shop, wonderful product by the way! :-)
But what stood out to me was the "row" effect that you have going on in some of your pictures~ almost as if they were all in a line on a store shelf.
I noticed you have a couple pictures with a more home setting type of picture.

It's only my opinion but, that's the way I would go with your pictures... a more "homey" look, verses the "in a row" store shelf look, without the shelf.

Please don't take offense as that is not my intention at all~
You're cards are beautiful and I think you should show them off more.
Just throwing this out there but, with cards that have or show ribbon for example, I'd make it appear more handmade by staging the picture with a spool of ribbon and a pair of scissors, but in the background so your card didn't get lost in the minimal props used.
Is this making any sense to you? I might be confusing myself! LOL
It's just that I think sometimes homemade needs to be listed in a "homier" way.... Sorry, I know that 's not even a word but it works! :-)

Wishing you the best and good luck...
Peace and Blessings

Posted at 12:16 pm Oct 6, 2011 EDT

Hi Everyone!

I recently collaborated with a few Etsy sellers to get their top 3 tips for selling and what made them most successful in their first 6 months on Etsy. I thought that others would appreciate these tips therefore I wrote it into a blog post! I hope you find it useful for your shop and can implement many of the tips and suggestions given. Thanks!

Posted at 9:30 am Jun 9, 2013 EDT

Branding! Learning to stick with an image and send a clear message.

Posted at 8:16 am Jun 16, 2013 EDT

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