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Original Post


Our Government is one giant Geselda Blanco.

Posted at 10:34 pm Sep 5, 2012 EDT

Although I find this article to be a bit exaggerate on quite a few points (I am not American btw) I am genuinely moved by your interest to contribute with posts of substantial political/social content.
Also read the one about Buffet which was even more interesting. sadly a state is a more complicated thing to run than a private company but it's always interesting noticing such an explicit testimony of the principle of distribution of responsibilities in the private sector...Although far from being an advocate of private over state sector (quite the opposite in fact) I am intrigued by the possibility for the public sector of the future to adopt such a principle...I think they already do it in Scandinavia...quite successfully it seems...

Thanks for posting these articles anyway, they're quite interesting!

Posted at 6:55 pm Nov 4, 2012 EST

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