north kansas city craft fairs!!! New Spring Art Fair

Who can join?

north kansas city craft fairs!!! has the following requirements:

Anyone who is interested in selling items at fairs or would just like to go to them.

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Original Post


We are the coordinators for a new eco-indie (and as far as we know... the first ever) art fair in the Northland of Kansas City-Zeleny Art Fair! We noticed that you are in the area and thought you may be interested in applying or know someone who might be! Please stop by our blog to fill out an application if you are interested!

Andrea and Alexis

Posted at 12:29 am Jan 11, 2012 EST


If anyone is interested in applying there are only 6 days left to apply! The deadline is February 29th!

For more information or an application:

Posted at 10:11 pm Feb 23, 2012 EST

The 2nd Annual Zeleny Arts and Crafts Show will be held in :

Parkville on March 30th, 2013


Springfield on April 5th & 6th, 2013

It is free to apply and applications are accepted until January 25th! Just a few weeks away!

For more information please visit our website:

Let me know if you have any questions!

Posted at 9:42 pm Jan 7, 2013 EST

You only rake vendors who up-cycle/re-use?

Posted at 4:59 pm Jan 15, 2013 EST


We do emphasize up-cycle and re-use. However, if you have another way that your work benefits the environment or would like to make up-cycled re-used work specifically for this show we would also encourage you to apply! Thanks for the question!

Posted at 2:48 pm Jan 18, 2013 EST

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