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Original Post

Hello...I have pondered the thought of adding note cards to my store.

Note cards with my own photography of our fur family and of my wooly creations.

I was wondering if you have had much success?

Advice or pointers to give me?

How do you calculate Pricing & shipping?

Thank you so much...have a blessed day!

Posted at 12:41 pm Jan 15, 2012 EST


Cards seem more popular at craft fairs since they are impulse items. Even so, I have sold some on Etsy. My advice for shipping is to weigh your cards and envelopes to see what is the optimal amount of cards that can be shipped in your packaging. I'm losing money on shipping and not making much profit at all on notecards but I feel they help add a lower price point to my store.

Posted at 10:21 pm Jan 17, 2012 EST

Thank you Karen....your photography and cards are fabulous!

I'm scheduled to participate in a spring craft fair in May and may get some feedback from viewers.

Posted at 12:47 am Jan 18, 2012 EST

I offer greeting cards in my shop - but only in a pack of 5. For me, it's not worth the time to print, package and ship just 1 card. They do fairly well, especially for Christmas and Valentines day. I will be adding more 'Themed' packs soon - Birthday, Get Well, etc.

Posted at 4:58 pm Feb 24, 2012 EST

Hey there,
The advantage to notecards, is that you don't have to have inventory to list them. Just print as you go. I think that is great. What do you have to lose but a few cents to see if it would work.

A friend of mine has picture cards that she sells. Not sure that she has done very well, but I have purchased these from her. I love them!!!!!!
The link below has an example of the card I have from her.

I would love to see yours if you list them.

Part of the problem in her sales is that she spends no time marketing. You know, Etsy Teams, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like.

Wishing you success in this venture,
Sandra Fay

Posted at 7:10 pm Mar 8, 2012 EST

My thoughts and experience with note cards for dogs , frogs, rhinos, cows and many other images that people want and will pay for. If someone really likes an image it can be a post card for $5.00 or an 8x10 for $25. Given a choice they will buy the $5 choice and you lose $20. If you have a really great image and have storage space then run them on the press for pennies and market them world wide. ETSY is a great avenue for marketing. I prefer to make the 8x10 when ordered. Thank you. Please keep me posted on your success. to see other animal images

Posted at 8:45 am Mar 9, 2012 EST

Thank you so very much for all your advice and tips...

Here is my first attempt and collection...Pugs are coming soon!

Posted at 6:42 pm Mar 21, 2012 EDT

Just added a new selection...inspiration & scripture!

Posted at 11:08 am Apr 6, 2012 EDT

I love what you did with the cavaliers, I think they will be a great seller!

Posted at 10:46 pm Apr 8, 2012 EDT

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