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Original Post

I'll be first to introduce myself- I am a mom who loves edward... no wait... I love Jacob... can't I have both??

My favorite item is my Bella mittens, I wear them myself..

Posted at 10:21am Jun 23, 2011 EDT


Oooooh--I love them! Just perfect for making pawprints in the snow. Ha!

:} Launi

Posted at 2:20am Jun 24, 2011 EDT

MamaBeansAndCompany says
Edited on Jun 24, 2011

My name is Kim, and my etsy shop is Mama Beans And Company. I sell buttons and bottlecaps. These buttons have been a favorite....

Posted at 10:24pm Jun 24, 2011 EDT

AVAFritsch says

The second is just inspired by Twilight.

Oh and I'd totally take Edward not Jacob.

Posted at 3:39am Jul 15, 2011 EDT

DreamCake says

i specialize in handmade resin and kawaii items, but i'm a big Twilight fan. This is the newest at DreamCake:

Posted at 8:32pm Aug 8, 2011 EDT

mieSparkle says

The first bracelet in my Twilight Collection:

More to come!

Posted at 10:01pm Aug 9, 2011 EDT