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Original Post

Hi guys! Thanks for joining my team <3 I am extremely new to etsy, but heard that teaming was a good way to get your items seen, and to connect with other etsians with common interests. I am obsessed with rainbows and color, just check out my store and see! STRAWBERRYFIZZHAIR, I love your colorful extensions for sale! I was searching for a rainbow one haha

Posted at 1:57pm Jun 23, 2011 EDT


Thank you! The rainbow extensions have always been popular...I sold a TON of them on my old Etsy shop!:)

Posted at 7:31pm Jun 25, 2011 EDT


I'm really new here too...when I saw this team I thought oh my gosh YES! I wish I could merge my body with a rainbow LOL I love them so much!

I'm the kind of girl who orders rainbow gellato even if it is just vanilla flavour. it always tastes like more than vanilla! :)

Posted at 3:58am Jun 26, 2011 EDT

dampflames says

I love brightly coloured and random things. XD I really like the things in your shop ReinterpretedRainbow.

Posted at 12:06pm Jul 1, 2011 EDT

Hello I'm fairly new :)

My name is Lantana, I'm a 26 year old female from New Zealand but I currently live in Germany. For the past 4 months I've been battling with the German government with stacks and stacks of endless paper work to get a residence permit to stay here which was accepted last week! Phew! I plan to live here for the next 5 months and work on creating more art.

I have lots of rainbow themed items in my shop!

Nice to meet you all and I look forward to contributing to this team :)

Posted at 2:14am Apr 22, 2013 EDT

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