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Original Post

tell us about you and you're shop so we can all get to know each other better!!

Posted at 4:37pm Jul 5, 2011 EDT



My shop is handmade jewellery made using freshwater pearls, pebbles and sea glass collected from the beaches where we live in Norfolk UK. The shop is run with my sister Claire and we have just started selling both online and in craft shows.

I have 2 babies Lucy 2 years and James 4 months so my etsy work is done first thing in the morning and last thing at night !


Posted at 5:06pm Jul 5, 2011 EDT

Hello everyone!
I have been making baby/toddler/children's clothing for about eight years. I sell through a couple of shops, but decided to try etsy as a way to promote online. I design all the clothing. I am looking to add necklaces made from fabric and buttons, as well as artwork. Glad to meet you all!

Posted at 6:43pm Jul 5, 2011 EDT

babswool says

Hi, I have been knitting since I was a little girl but just started back with the craft big time. I was making and making and didn't have people with babies to give my items to so decided to see if I could sell them. I love the design and construction process but the promoting required for my Etsy shop took me by surprise. I sort of thought people would find me and buy, buy, buy. Of course, that has not been the case but there has been a little movement lately and i am trying to build my inventory for the Christmas season. I welcome any and all comments about my shop from the banner to the photos and the item descriptions. Please let me know what you think. Thanks so much for inviting me to be a part of this group.

Posted at 11:56pm Jul 5, 2011 EDT


Thank you for inviting me in this group !

I am a professional full time artist living in Bulgaria, Europe.

Although I have an MA in graphic art from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria my first love has always remained painting. Also I work with installation, object and conceptual art.

My artistic development is more about generating new ideas rather than following a style. My painting manner is expressive and energetic combining the best of abstract and figurative painting.

My paintings were short-listed in three major contemporary art competitions and won the first prize in one of them.

I've had many exhibitions across Europe and the United States. My works are in collections in Germany, United Kingdom, Romania, Bulgaria and United States.

Nataly Borissova

Posted at 4:53am Jul 6, 2011 EDT

Hello everyone and thanks for the invite!

I have jsut opend an Etsy shop called Brighton Crock and it consists of a collection of plates and other crockery illustrated by hand. Each item is unique!

The illustrations are inspired by living in Brighton and my love of all things odd and pretty; horror films and home furnishings are my passions! Making something plain and simply functional, like a plate or cup, in to something nice to look at is what BrightonCrock is all about.

The rest of my non-Etsy time is taken up by a full-time office job and screening horror films at weekends.

Posted at 5:59am Jul 6, 2011 EDT

Hi everyone, thank you for the invite. My etsy shop is TripleKCrochet. I make crocheted earrings and necklaces. I have done well at the craft fairs that I have participated in, but can't seem to make a sale here. I understand that my photography needs work, probably the descriptions too. I haven't listed a new item for a while. Plan to work on it soon.

Posted at 10:10am Jul 14, 2011 EDT

Hi everyone! My etsy shop is called the VIntage Whimserie. I currently sell floral necklaces made of felt. My inventory is limited, but I plan on adding more and different items to my shop soon. I have been on etsy for a while now and have yet to make a single sale. It's just so frustrating. I also have a store on ebay, and even though it's not highly successful, at least I make SOME sales there! Etsy is a mystery to me on how to get people to notice you. I paid to have myself featured on the jewelry page, which increased traffic to my shop, but resulted in no sales.
I welcome any and all suggestions on how to improve my shop.

Posted at 9:39am Jul 26, 2011 EDT

Hello everyone! My name is Roxana. Thanks for the invite. I too feel like Etsy selling is challenging, but I believe that it truly is a wonderful place that I just need to find my groove in as it were. My mother, Margaret, and I make everything in our shop. I make the jewelry... mostly seed beaded goodies at the moment. My mother sewed all of our bags/totes. We are entertaining the idea of adding custom window treatments as this is what my mom does for a living. Our creative flow has slowed recently as my mother was diagnosed with lymphoma. Once we know what kind of treatments she will have to go through and she recovers we want to pick up the pace on our Etsy shop. In the meantime I am continuing to learn new patterns and am hoping to post some new pieces soon.

Posted at 11:46pm Aug 12, 2011 EDT

Hi everyone! Glad to be here! I'm Dyane.My shop is Precious Remembrance Shop. I offer cards, tags, notebooks, note pads, gift sets and more!;) Please feel free to take a look.

Thank you!;)

Posted at 8:38am Aug 26, 2011 EDT

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