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Original Post


kanekl says

100% edible Pink Hydrangeas. Great easy way to decorate cakes, and cupcakes for any occassion.

Posted at 6:45pm Aug 16, 2011 EDT

kanekl says

100% edible Marzipan Baby! Makes a great cake topper, and gift.

Posted at 3:01am Aug 17, 2011 EDT

kanekl says

Delphinium Blue edible gumpaste flowers. Great easy way to decorate cakes, and cupcakes.

Posted at 1:32pm Aug 17, 2011 EDT

MoiraCoon says

Instead of posting my own new listings, I wanted to give a shout out for some recent listings by an artisan/costumer in dire financial need (please see my blog for more info

Raechel does lovely-lovely work. All of her corsets are well-finished and sturdily boned in steel for long wear and support. Help a fellow crafter and snag some great new costuming for Halloween or other autumn events in the process!

Posted at 7:42pm Aug 17, 2011 EDT

Everyone has such unique stuff!
This is what I've been working on :)

This is the first ring I've done for Etsy and I'm pretty stoked on it. Hope you guys check it out :D

Posted at 4:09pm Aug 19, 2011 EDT