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Original Post

BNRbabes says

Congratulations to Arlene from ThisandThatCrafter!!!! Not only did she have a gorgeous treasury but she really promoted the heck out of it! Check out those views and hearts!!!

It was an extremely hard decision and I was left with making the tie breaking vote. Which was super hard to do and hopefully won't happen again! lol Anyways, I would like to give a runner up prize this week since the vote was split. So congratulations to Sabrina from CharmeleonGiftSupply!

You will both be given spots in this Friday's BNR! Congratulations on the stellar treasury making! Can't wait to see what next week brings!

Posted at 7:10 pm Jan 30, 2012 EST


BNRbabes says

This weeks theme is inspired by the weather outside my house:

It's a grey day

Posted at 7:12 pm Jan 30, 2012 EST

MiaBooo from MiaBooo says

Awesome job everyone!!

I love this game~ Everyone has so much fun, we get to peek around in our friend's shops and ultimately-Promote each other!!!

Good luck with this week's challenge Babesā™„

Posted at 9:11 pm Jan 30, 2012 EST

WOW!! Thank you so much!! Everyone had such wonderful Treasuries!!

Posted at 12:17 am Jan 31, 2012 EST

Sabrina says

oh my gosh, I am so excited! I had a great time searching the shops like a treasure hunt, was very proud of the treasury, and it got the most views any of my treasuries have ever had! It is so fun seeing all the different creative inputs from this team! Thanks so much and congrats to Arlene too! Can't wait to start on the next theme!

Posted at 4:15 am Jan 31, 2012 EST

Jen says

great job guys!!!! Bring on the grey day!

Posted at 1:38 pm Jan 31, 2012 EST

Congrat Sabrina and Arlene :) Whoot!!

GREY DAY??? oh it will be fun ;P

Posted at 4:42 pm Jan 31, 2012 EST

Here is mine

Let the Sun Shine through this Gray Day =D

Posted at 6:17 pm Jan 31, 2012 EST

And to recheck before I finalize my treasury - can I or not include one of my own items? Just checking. Is there a link to recheck all the rules, before I post mine? thx.

Posted at 8:01 pm Jan 31, 2012 EST

MiaBooo from MiaBooo says

Well we are going to hold a weekly treasury contest!

Each Monday, a theme for a treasury will be announced in our team discussion thread. Then you have till the following Friday to make a treasury and really promote the heck out of it! We will announce the winner on the following Monday when we announce the new theme and that person will receive a free spot in our bnr that week! Now, here are the rules!

1) Must include only members of the BNR Babes Team
2) Curators can participate in contest but can not win
3) Including a babes curator will get you smiles but no brownie points!
4) Only 1 entry per person (not shop) per week
5) Have fun!

This is a great way to really promote our babes and who knows, maybe you will get on the front page of etsy! Anything is possible! (If that happens, then let me know and I will give you MY spot in the BNR!

Winners will be chosen by the top 5 with the most views and hearts, so promotion is critical! The winner will be selected from those 5 and based on which one best represents the theme! If the same 5 repeatedly are in the top 5 we will do something else to keep it all as fair as possible!

<3 the babes

judges: Mir, Jenny, Megan and Jen!

Posted at 9:10 pm Jan 31, 2012 EST

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