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Original Post

Just to introduce myself, I'm Roanne. My grandmother designed and handdrew clothing patterns in the 1940's and '50's specifically for her teddy bear collection. They became so popular amongst her family and friends that she started copying them for their use.

Now she's retired and wants her teddy bear clothes patterns to move into the 21st (and beyond) century, so I've agreed to do just that!

I'm in the process of scanning, updating and clarifying her original patterns using the latest (that I can afford) digital technology.

Conv back or reply to this thread for more information and to keep up with my progress and latest developments, like a new website and upcoming calendar competition!!

Teddy Bears Rock (and so do all you other teddy bear lovers). And I've started this team to share my passion for teddy bears to all who enter here!

Posted at 4:02am Jul 9, 2011 EDT


Roanne from GrandmaGrizzlys says
Edited on Nov 14, 2011

I just wanted to shout out a big "WELCOME" to any and all new team members. I've gotten a bit behind on a lot of posts over the last few weeks and know there may be a few of you I've not officially welcomed to the team.

I've also just posted a new thread in the "Discussions" section of the team page, so check it out - it's a fun game to direct members to your ESTY shop and list their favorite item from your shop on the discussion thread. I've seen this posted on a couple of other team sites, so let's get the game going on ours : ) Post your favorite item from the shop above you (I.E. the last shop to post). Please also remember to visit and list favorite items from shops participating in the discussion! Spread the love!

Bear Hugs and Happy Sewing,

Posted at 6:39pm Nov 14, 2011 EST

I've just added new pics for my Wizard/Witch halloween costume. Still not the greatest photographer in the world, but I'm working on it. (It's all the camera's fault! ;>)

Posted at 3:04pm Nov 21, 2011 EST

Joy says

Hi guys.......waves to all the beary folks

I just joined this group. I have been making knitted animals for years and selling on etsy for a few. I have collected teddy bears of all sorts for all my life and decided to make my own plush bears. Next stop mohair!

What can I say, making is as addictive as collecting. What better team to join. Look forward to talking to you all.

Here a couple of my latest ones if its ok to show you


Posted at 6:57pm Nov 22, 2011 EST

Welcome to the team Joy, we always love to see new sellers, collectors and teddy bear lovers on the team. Your bears are adorable and look like they'd be perfect Christmas gifts for young and old!

Bear Hugs and Happy Sewing,
Roanne, aka "GG"

Posted at 8:15pm Nov 22, 2011 EST

Lets get our newest team member off to a flying start, she has some great items in her store, here's my favorite.


Posted at 8:16pm Nov 22, 2011 EST

I just want to say I am soooooooooo happy and glad I found a teddy bear team on etsy. I love teddy bears! My favorite is a large 2' cream colored teddy my mother got me when I was dealing with the worst of Panic Disorder. His name is Christmas, because that's my favorite holiday :) I have 12 bears right now, and the number is ever changing.

Posted at 3:51pm Nov 29, 2011 EST

Welcome to the team Jenny!

We have a kind of up and down participation level on the team at the moment because so many of you veeeerrrry talented artists are busy with your holiday preparations. My workload stays pretty much consistent all year. I have the honor of carrying on my grandmother's love for teddy bears by updating and marketing her vintage teddy bear clothing patterns. Hence the name, "Grandma Grizzly's Teddybear Wear". So if you bears every need to be attired for a special occasion or a holiday celebration, let me know. I also do custom creations (replica wedding gowns, etc.) for your bears.

Again, welcome to the team and HAVE FUN!!

Bear Hugs and Happy Sewing,
Roanne aka "GG"

Posted at 9:18pm Nov 29, 2011 EST

I' d like to welcome our newest member to the team, Elizabeth Jean, from Rope Swing Studio! You have a great looking shop Elizabeth, lots of fun animals!!

If you have any questions, ideas, information or insight please post it to the team, we've got a great group of "Teddy Bear Experts" amongst us.

Welcome, Elizabeth!

Bear Hugs and Happy Sewing,

Posted at 12:33am Mar 8, 2012 EST