Favorite team April - New listings :)

Who can join?

Favorite team has the following requirements:

The FAV Team:
Membership into the fav team is open to any Etsy member who want to bust his sales and ready to work for it.

All of the Fav team members will follow these rules and policies:

*10 Comment Rule applies to all of the promotion treads.
*posting must be in the right tread.
*Immediately after posting your item, you agree to view and leave comments on the 10 items abouve you.
*since we are a new team it might take time to get 20 members so please come back later and finish your duty.
Clicks are also welcomed!
*If you have more then one item you want to post please post it togther, each member considers one click, so you have to click on 10 members in total.
Posting Rules:
* If you have several items you want to promote, members must wait until there are a minimum of 10 posts before re-listing a treasury on the thread. (this rull will apply after there will be 30 members in the group)

PLEASE NOTICE: breaking of the rules will cause that member to be immediately removed from the team.

Each team member may “self-monitor” their items to make sure other team members are compliant with the 20 comment rule.
since we are new team it might take time to reach the 20. we encourage all team members to have sufficient time to view and comment on treasuries when posting to the main thread.

IF you monitores any voilation please send me a convo with the next details:
the name of who you are reporting. the item's name link ,the actual thread page link,date of posting and whats wrong.

* Penalties are as follows:

1. First strike: Warning Convo
2. Second ostrike: Warning convo.
3. Third strike and you are out.

NO Spamming: Any reports of spamming from our members will not be tolerated and is cause for immediate dismissal.


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