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Original Post

Lawrencians... I am struggling with shipping fragile items. So far I have tried FedEx but they charge an arm and a leg! $30 for a small vase. Has anyone tried the other options, and how did it go? How much did it cost?

Posted at 5:45pm May 8, 2012 EDT


I still use USPS priority or first class when I can. The trick is to use sturdy boxes - sometimes doubled (using one box inside the other) - and bubble wrap or styrofoam peanuts to fill the box. I have had pretty good luck this way, and very reasonable. I've only messed up on shipping a few times, mainly in my vintage shop, and then I had to refund.

Hope this helps!

Posted at 8:07pm May 13, 2012 EDT

That does help, thanks Lisa!

Posted at 9:10am May 14, 2012 EDT

Another tip for those who need to wrap fragile items:

I happened to be in Hobby Lobby yesterday, when they were unloading the new shipment onto the shelves. I asked if they would save the bubble wrap for me, and they said to come back after 5:00.

When I came back at 5:30, this guy rolls out a handtruck to my car with more bubble wrap than would fit in my trunk! Sure it was the little bubble stuff, and a little dingy...but a premium wrapping for free! I won't have to buy bubble wrap for a year.

Apparently, the trucks come in on monday mornings and the staff spends all day getting it out. They will not hold any boxes or wrappings overnight, so be sure if you tell them to hold it for you - you come back the same day or it will be thrown out.

Nothing better than free stuff to reuse and keep out of the landfill!


Posted at 8:12am May 22, 2012 EDT

I used to work at this Hob Lob and yes, there is an insane amount of bubble wrap and packaging that comes in. Mostly on Monday, but it usually takes all week to unpack all the boxes. The fragile items like vases come with custom-formed stryrofoam, but they also come in very sturdy boxes that they will let you have if you are nice :)

Posted at 11:26am May 22, 2012 EDT

Wonderful info- thanks guys!

Posted at 9:24am May 23, 2012 EDT

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