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2. a blog or external website that you update monthly (or more)

3. a facebook and/or twitter account

4. the desire to promote people organically and genuinely to your friends and community.

5. an ability and desire to share tips, ideas, promotion and etsy love to the group

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Original Post

Cookstah says

if you are reading this you are awesome.

I found you because I have purchased from or stalked your shop, and you are doing things right.

NOW let's do more --- together.

details to come about the way we will promote each other in an authentic way, stay tunned.

If you have a shop you would like to invite please post them here

much love


Posted at 11:22am Jul 22, 2011 EDT


indigotwin says

Thanks for the invite! Sooooo happy to be here!

Posted at 11:43am Jul 22, 2011 EDT

srobison says

Thanks so much! This is a great idea :)

Posted at 11:51am Jul 22, 2011 EDT

dsbrennan says

Thank you so much, Kel. Nice to meet everyone!

Posted at 12:09pm Jul 22, 2011 EDT

Thank you, Kel! I am really happy to be here and am really enjoying looking through everyone's shop.

Posted at 8:32pm Jul 26, 2011 EDT

So happy to be here too, and looking forward to getting to know everyone :)

Posted at 10:41am Aug 1, 2011 EDT