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Original Post

Hello! I am a senior in High School currently. Although I am unsure of my future, I hope it includes making people smile because of the jewelry I make! That is why every time you buy an item from my shop, you support my dream! Feel free to contact me with any questions or personal requests. Shopping on the internet is hard, so I will refund any items that are not satisfactory. Thank you!

Posted at 3:20 pm Jun 17, 2012 EDT


It's very lovely. But if you want sales, you just need to work on your photos, story about you, tags for items,information about item, and don't use text about your unsure future, to sell something. It looks sad, but sad in miserable way.
Have a great day!

Posted at 6:16 am Jun 18, 2012 EDT

Diana says

I agree with all of Alise's comments above. Your items are unique and have a lot of potential to sell! I noticed this particular one >
This necklace is beautiful, but it would help if you write what kind of stones/metal/chain etc. that you used to make it. I haven't checked your other items but just make sure that the customer knows what they are getting. Your pictures are also a bit dark/blurry. Make sure to get the whole piece in the first picture so that it's not anyone's guess as to what it is. Hope this helps and best of luck!


Posted at 1:47 pm Jun 18, 2012 EDT

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