Bead Embroidery Guild Members

Who can join?

Bead Embroidery Guild is a moderated team with the following requirements:

*Artists who concentrate on bead embroidery.
*Your bead embroidery cannot be Beginner level, it must be Intermediate or higher.
*All applicants must have an ACTIVE Etsy store, with at least 40% of bead embroidered art/wearable art. Soutache is excluded.
*On the application, please include any additional links to websites and/or blogs.
*Members are expected to participate in discussions on Yahoo a minimum of twice a month
* Enter BEAD FESTS once a year,
*Post your work, and comment on our public Facebook page.
* Create a treasury at least once a month which features EBEG members
*After three months of inactivity, inactive members may be removed.
* Every member is required to participate in voting on polls.
*Applications will be reviewed by team leaders/captain.
*(Required) Respect copyrights, each other and Etsy. DO NOT LIST COPIES OF OTHER BEAD ARTISTS WORK FOR SALE IN YOUR SHOP WITHOUT THEIR WRITTEN PERMISSION. This is considered copyright infringement

*Applicants must answer the questions on the application.
*This is a requirement, NO exceptions.
**If your application does not contain answers to all of the questions, you will automatically be disqualified.

This is our way of making sure you actually read about the team, our rules and requirements, and that you are willing to actively participate.

Currently our membership is at it's maximum. All applications will be kept open as as a member leaves you will be considered. Thank you.

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