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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Weddings - Group Promotions / Promoting each other

A resource for coming together to promote together

The 905

Founded in an effort to help Etsians NOT in the "T Dot Oh," the 905 Etsy Team is here for Etsians of all kinds in Durham Region!

Etsy Durham

Calling all crafters, makers, artists and artisans in Durham, UK!


Extraordinary Ability people

Artists and Artisans

A team for all artists, artisans, and appreciators of art. If you are a seller who sells handmade goods, or an artist, this team is for you.

West Midlands Wares

A creative and support platform for W-Etsy Midlanders...


For Etsy members based in the county of Staffordshire, UK.

Belbenes Jewellery

Australia Hand made Creations


upcycling creatives

Kansas City Artist Swap-N-Show

The Artist Swap-N-Show is a free market place and display opportunity for local artists.