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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Promote My Store

Needs traffics, views, promote, exposure to your store? Join Promote My Store team - Tag: PMT

The Birds of Baltimore Team

This is a team that has everything to do with the Baltimore Ravens and Orioles.

Crafty in Missouri & Kansas

This team is to help support Etsy Shop owners within Kansas and Missouri!

Handmade at Comic Cons

Selling Handmade at Comic Cons


A team for students of Mohawk College to come together and share their creativity!

Shoujo Artists Unite

Together we shall make the world sparkly and full off stupid Shoujo logic~!! <3

PGBC Street Team

A street team dedicated to the ceramic work of artists who are members of the Potters Guild of British Columbia (PGBC).

Etsy Social

Etsy Social is a team that helps promote you and your shop, from gaining new followers to improving your shop statistics and sales.