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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


For all the photographers on etsy!

The Sublimation Team

This team is for any seller that sublimates. It is a place for open discussion, networking, marketing ideas & a place to share tips

Milliners UK

A place for Milliners in based in the UK & Ireland to come together and share ideas

Free Love

A free-spirited treasury making team.

Made in Norway

Welcome to the Made In Norway etsy team.

American Expressionists

A team for expressionist artists living in the USA

We make a difference

We make a do you? We want give everyone a way to make a difference in the world as part of their daily lives and we think

Central New Jersey Etsyians

This team is meant for Etsyians living and working in Central NJ.

Alpha Gamma Delta Crafters

Fellow sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta!