All Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Vintage Fish

A team of people who collect, search, sell, and display old fishing lures, fishing reels, and any type of fishing related collectibles.

Fire Performers

This is a group for all people who performer any type of prop manipulation with fire.

Modern Retro Clothing & Accessories

This team is for all you high fashion ladies who love vintage clothing, but like to add, mix and include a modern feel also!

Wicked Etsy Artisans

Wicked Etsy Artisans is a group of Etsy Shop Owners specific to the regional area of New England in United States.

Girly Girls Shops

A team for stores with a girly twist!

Go Viral Promotions

Increase traffic & gain exposure for your shop via social media websites Quick promotions get items seen by larger audience than ever before

Product Review & Sponsors

Have you got a store that sells jewelry, beauty items or phone cases. Would you like more exposure? If yes for both, keep reading.

Just Beads

A team for artists who make jewelry using glass beads.

The Dutch Tea Party

Voor liefhebbers van thee, taart, vintage servies en aanverwante zaken

UK Crafts

A group to discuss, promote and look at crafts made by UK crafters!