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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Phone Cases

Making a phone worth taking out of your pocket......

Join Hands

Anyone can join this team. No fuzz!

Artistic Photographers

A team dedicated to boost sales and help all the Artistic Photographers on Etsy.

Orlando Shop Owners

This is a group for any one who live in the Orlando, Florida area.

Etsy Like Hikers

This is a super easy Facebook Support Team with just a couple simple rules to follow.

Cumbria & The Lake District

A community of Cumbrian based Etsians

Do you have a prize giveaway page Enter your link

Anyone can enter a link of a free prize giveaway. You have to enter your link and describe the giveaway.

Bergen County Collaborative

A social support group for makers of things in and around Bergen County, NJ.


Creadores de Alfarería tradicional que elaboran piezas libres de plomo y que hemos trabajado por el bien común.