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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


A Social Media Networking Team

Crochet Lovers of Hampton Roads VA

This is a group of crochet crafters that reside in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia!

The Etsy Promotion Team

The Official Etsy Promotion Team. Join Now!

Treasuries Squared!

Create treasuries which include team members' items and have your items treasured in team member's treasuries.

A bit of everything

Home decor, inspirational designs at work or at home, creative wall arts, unique jewellery gallery, invigorating scents for home or work.

Wookiefoot Tribe

If you have experienced the love of Wookiefoot and Harmony Park, then you are welcomed with open arms!!


For all Aussies on Etsy

Beginner Crochet and Knit Shops

For all beginner shops to help support each other and get the word out there for us new Etsy go-ers!


If you love to knit and want to share ideas, latest news or events - join this team.