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Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


art as a mulfunction of the brain

Gnome Sayin

A community of Gnome-smiths

Melbourne arty farts

A team to establish a Melbourne based etsian community for support, friendship and chatters about our artworks.

Minimalism Love

We like you to know more about the olinie world. A world of minimalist wisdom and peace. A world of recognition for simple things.

NIU Etsians!

Fun team for current students and Alumni of NIU!

Vintage Chicagoland Assitance

This shop is to help local & like minded shops succeed in Etsyland.

Western Colorado Handmade Artists

A team for all handmade artist and vintage connoisseurs who are located in Western Colorado.

Just Jewelry Jax

A collective to support and raise up Jax jewelers and jewelry artisans

Amalfi Coast

Questo team è nato per i negozi situati in Costiera Amalfitana con lo scopo di promuovere i nostri prodotti supportandoci a vicenda.