All Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Selling Artwork

Selling Acrylic Paintings, Artwork

Etsy shops

This shop is all about getting your items out there and strategically connecting with other sellers

Gallery La La

On going market currently looking for vendors for a holiday market.

LGBT Community

A team were LGBT Esty sellers can feel free to be themselves while getting selling support.

Onyx, Marble, Agate, Precious Stone Items & Jewelry

This team is dedicated for people who know what onyx & marble is and how to work with them to make jewelry and for people who want to learn.

Otaku Crafters

This is the team for any Otaku Etsy Stores and Sellers!

Weird, Creepy Oddity Art & The People That Love It

This team is for people that like Creepy, Weird and Oddity Art

Bosnia and Herzegovina Street Team

Team for aeveryone from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who want to share their experience about etsy and selling online

Greek letters

This is for all etsy owners who make, print and sew greek letters for fraternities and sororities.

Invent Something New

Anyone willing to invest time to invent something creative and unique is welcome!