All Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Weekend Warrior

Look forward to the weekend! Whether relaxing or playing hard. A team to help promote and have fun!

Mill City Made - Etsians of Lowell!

Etsians from Lowell, MA & the Merrimack Valley. Share ideas of local interest, info about art/craft fairs, gallery shows, and events!

Avant jewelry

give people what they don't know they want yet

Sacramento Etsy

Open to all Etsy-ers of Sacramento

Sweet Home Indiana

Sweet Home Indiana features Indiana artisans making homemade goods and those selling vintage items.

Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself... ANYTHING!

MSN Living featured Etsy shops!

A team built for those featured in the MSN Living link.

Purchases with Purpose

A group for those who donate a portion of their shop proceeds to support a medical related cause.

Vintage Tweed

A place for all those who love and sell Vintage Tweed via Etsy

Heavenly Tokens

Handmade Crafts and speciality handmade items Beading crafting